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For a complete skin regeneration, we need to have a 5 weekly sessions shock treatment. The first 5 sessions (1 per week) will deeply clean your skin from toxins, and will activate the cells along their whole life cycle. You will get a visible change in your face.

After those 5 weeks, a monthly follow up treatment will be just enough to get rejuvenated again.


Biogénie Esthetic Concept offers the following 5 sessions package:







Biovisage Premier

45 min.

$ 65.00 


Bio Active Women

60 min.

$ 74.00


Bio Cocoon

90 min.

$ 83.00


Bio Prestige

90 min.

$ 90.00


Bio Prestige 90 min. $ 90.00

TOTAL  $402.00

                  5% Special Discount OFFER  $ 381.00


Same as when we have a full glass of water, and we pour more liquid, the water will just spill out. If we give the skin nutrients when it is not clean enough, the nutrients will not do any effect.


This package gives your skin the perfect care: starting from the basic deep clean, and progressively offering the skin cells all the nutrients they need, just when the skin is ready to absorb them.


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403 9913268



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