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Biogénie International is a French beauty concept specialized in professional esthetic treatments since 1993. Constant research and innovation gives Biogénie a worldwide success.

Biogénie has main offices in La Couronne, South West of France. There, the team develops cutting-edge esthetic devices.

In laboratories located in South and North France, Biogénie manufacture high quality skincare products.

The Esthetic Training Center located also in La Couronne, France, gives the Biogénie Estheticians the know-how of a unique French technique.

Biogénie works in synergy with three principles to create a unique Esthetic Concept that reach optimal and immediate results:
  • Electro-Esthetics: Micro-currents with 2 specific machines (face & body).
  • Electro-Cosmetics: pure, and high quality substances in special formulas that work effectively. The best of plants for your skin.
  •  Manual Techniques: the expertise of our Biogénie estheticians will inmerse you in a complete, and unforgettable relaxing experience.

A look into Biogénie Esthetic Concept

Biogenie Concept

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