Biogénie Esthetic Concept specializes in Face and Body treatments 

The Biovisage is a complete facial. Starting with balancing your body energy, and including a non-surgical rejuvenation. Unlike other ordinary facial programs, our facial program incorporates the traditional French Esthetic Lymphatic technique, which is a gentle massage technique that improves lymphatic circulation. This whole cycle provides an optimal skin revival process.


During the first phase, micro-currents start cleaning toxins deeply and immediately improve and brighten your skin complexion, while performing a professional but gentle exfoliation. The second phase of micro-currents will nourish, tone, and firm the skin, to give you a visible lift, as well as to reduce fine lines, and wrinkles.


Biogénie BioVisage is a unique cellular electro-esthetic treatment, which offers an amazing relaxing and natural anti-ageing solution and is suitable for all skin types and ages. Excellent results can be seen from the very first treatment. Defines facial contour to restore a youthful appearance. The micro-currents will continue to bio-stimulate and improve the facial skin for a period of 21 days post-treatment.


Essentiel is a Body Care Concept based on micro-currents and vacuum technique. Beginning with a detoxification the skin, following with balancing your body energy which is a gentle massage known as traditional French Esthetic Lymphatic technique with specific products that improve lymphatic circulation for an optimal weight loss process.


The Essentiel body treatment draws out toxins, treats soft fatty tissues for a quick inch loss. Firms your skin and sculpts your body, boosting your energy by improving micro-circulation. Strengthens connective tissues and reduces the effects of aging on the skin, in sum regenerates the tissues.

The Essentiel is designed to treat stubborn areas of fat residues helping your body to lose weight.



Biogénie works with electro-esthetic, and with unique professional formulas. The Biogénie esthetician takes care of your skin problems and gives you immediate and visible results within one session.



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