Enhance beauty from the inside out!

The entire body must work in harmony


More than just skincare: at Biogénie Esthetic Concept it's about regaining your whole balance. That is why we perform our beauty treatments in an especially quiet and comfortable setting for you to relax, and forget troubles.


Your face is the mirror to your soul.  The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and because it is the most exposed to the environment, skin plays a key role in protecting the body. The target of our treatments is not only a intensive skincare, but also a general feeling of wholness and wellness.


The skin is subject to a continual exchange of information, not just tactile but also concerning light and liquids. Therefore, we can reasonably affirm that it is always electrically active. The skin sends and receives information to the entire body and is continuously developing.


Biogénie Concept has discovered the language of the skin, and our electro-esthetic mimics the electrical currents the skin uses to comunicate.


Every treatment will be an encounter with your uniqueness.

Discover the Joy of the results!

Biogenie Concept

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