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Dayza Rodriguez

Certified Biogénie Esthetician - Spa founder and Distributor


In 1999, with my mother as partner, we manage the Biogénie Beauté Concept Institute in Caracas, Venezuela for 4 years.


I completed the Professional Biogénie Esthetician Training course in France in 2000. Then,  I trained estheticians in Caracas, and also was the interpreter when trainners from the head quarters in France came to update the esthetic techniques.


For political and economical reasons in Venezuela, we had to close the Spa in Caracas. We worked with Biogénie Concept in Florida, USA. Where I trained estheticians, and sold Biogénie products and esthetical devices.


After trying different esthetic techniques, and having worked with Biogénie during years, I belive it offers a unique experience, and I'm able to say that Biogénie is a wonderful Esthetic Concept that offers immediate visible results.


I’m very pleased to offer the Biogénie Concept in North America, and work in something I know, like, and trust very much.


Contact us and experience The Joy of Results!


Certified in

2000. Upgraded in 2016.


Area of specialty

Biogénie Concept Distribution, and personalized treatments.



Spanish, French, English, Italian, German.



Professional Training Certificate Professional Training Certificate by Biogenie International France
City of Calgary Business License
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